Schoolhouse History

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Original 1 room Schoolhouse built in 1874

Starting out as a 10' x 10' building and expanded to 10' x 20' in 1884, the facility served as both the Schoolhouse and Church until the Borculo CRC was completed in 1898.  It also was used for Church services for area migrant workers.


New 3 room Schoolhouse built in 1908

At the cost of $2,500 the old Schoolhouse was sold for $108 and moved down the street.  This new building served the growing population for Blendon and Olive Townships as District 5 School..


Additional room added in 1954

This created a 7,000 sq ft facility to add 10th grade classes.   Higher education students attended Zeeland High School.


Building closed in 1968.

Consolidation of area schools into the Zeeland Public School system occured in 1964 and became known as the District 25 School.  In 1968 the building was idled and students bused to Zeeland.


The Schoolhouse Restaurant

Purchased by the Weaver familiy, the building operated as a local and well-loved Schoolhouse Restaurant.  Following owners continued operation as restaurants and finally an antique store.  2003 found the facility sitting idle and empty.


District 5 Schoolhouse Venue

in 2015, we purchased the building and spent over 10 months restoring the original structure.  Under years of modifications were orignal tinwork, windows, and woodwork.  Modifications were made to create a more open atmosphere while trying to maintain the original look and feel.   

District 5 Schoolhouse
9354 Port Sheldon St.
Zeeland, MI 49464

(616) 560-1635

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